film about dust

video HD, digital animation, 16:9, 6’46’’, 2018

I dreamed that I was simultaneously somewhere and nowhere. 

At the beginning and at the end, outside and inside. 

In the valley of monuments.

According to the beliefs of the Dogon people, 

stars were formed from the lumps of earth scattered in the sky, 

floating like particles of dust in the air.

The particles are whirling, each time forming a new state of affairs. 

Each time a new story. 

Space is being saturated with sculpture, it is blended in the endless formation process.

Each set is unambiguously determined by its content, 

it becomes the monument of its content. I

t is a collection of trophies brought from far, overseas journeys.


Everything that emerges must get separated 

in order to be visible, 

and then it returns where it came from, 

to its very beginning, 

to rocky slopes lashed by wind, 

to places where sculpture does not connect with space,

 with the endlessness of the space, 

to the valley of monuments.

The video is a CGI animation that unfolds as a fantastical portrayal of a voyage through the air, venturing towards minuscule dust particles swirling within it. This journey serves as a pretext for contemplations on the essence of the photosensitive image: its ephemeral nature, descent into oblivion, disintegration, and inherent imperfections.