film about dust

( video HD, digital animation, 16:9, 6’46’’, 2018 )

The work is the one-channel video projection onto the screen hung in the space. It is a fantastical representation of a journey through the air to specks of dust whirling in it. The journey becomes a pretext for deliberations on the nature of the light-sensitive image: its transience, sinking into oblivion, disintegration and imperfections, commented on by a female voice. As one can read in Tadeusz Cyprian's photography handbook: '(Dust) comes in everywhere, settling on the surface of film(...), gathering in the recesses of a camera and in consequence, a negative is full of white spots that require to be retouched.' and 'Smoothing out a curled print, removing spots and flaws from it through positive retouch, cutting the edges properly and sticking on proper construction paper – these are the stages a ready print must go through to become a picture'.