exhibition views

Metabody in Kinesphere / National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts / 16.04.2022-26.06.2022 / curator: HUANG Derrick

“Metabody in Kinesphere” explores the development and technical expressions of media art and the interdisciplinary contemplations on body/material, machine/technology, and environment/epoch through technological mediums. Amid this atmosphere of innovation and awareness, artists contemplate and interpret visual and bodily sensations as multilayered symbols and expressions, transforming the body into different forms and transcending the underlying will of the physical body. As technology continues to construct or redefine, contemporary art integrates digital mediums and technological creations to showcase a variety of effects between the real and the virtual which are further channeled through the internet, artificial intelligence, data operation, and media transmission.



Reincarnation / Fotofestiwal Łódź, Art_Inkubator / 10-27.06.2021 / curator: Józef Robakowski

The main part of the Fotofestiwal program is being developed under the supervision of prof. Józef Robakowski and is dedicated to the Łódź art scene. Łódź is not only a city, it is a cultural phenomenon. Historically, it has been perceived as a place that was “punished by industry”, a town of wounded identity, where art became a remedy against the dull, wearisome life of the working class. Possibly, this factor of sharing and co-operation has prepared the ground for many avant-garde groups and artistic movements, institutions and events, such as the Jung Jidysz group, “a.r.” group who co-created the Museum of Art in Łódź, Workshop of the Film Form, Łódź Kaliska, Chip-In Culture (Kultura Zrzuty), Construction in Process, and Łódź Biennale. Inspired with a similar idea, 20 years ago, the cooperation of students and teachers of three academies: the University of Łódź, the Academy of Fine Arts and the Film School in Łódź, resulted in the creation of Fotofestiwal. What is common for all those initiatives? Avant-garde, crazy spirit, enthusiasm, collective nature, and – according to Prof. Józef Robakowski – “the crankiness of Łódź”.



Whatever you come up with about yourself/ Trafostacja Sztuki, Szczecin/ 20.02.21 – 02.05.21/ curator and author of the exhibition concept: Stanisław Ruksza

The exhibition, featuring a selection of works created by Szczecin-based artists, perversely tells the story of the post-war city and examines its condition throughout the decades. The show is an attempt to diagnose Szczecin’s contemporary identity as well as to make a critical review of the established symbols and myths. Its title was taken from the prose of Szczecin-based writer and scholar, Inga Iwasiów, whose novel Bambino has gained a nation-wide recognition. The plot is set in Szczecin, in the period following the end of the war. It shows life complexities, biographies and spiritual attitudes of the new inhabitants. The main story premise, however, is developed around the concept of Szczecin as a place of a new beginning.