Memory of the Garden

(video HD, 16:9, 2016)

The work is my reflection on the creation of an image in the human eye and on how this image can stimulate the other senses. The video was prepared for the exhibition 'Dotyk / The Touch', co-organized by BWA Kielce and Centrum Rzeźby Polskiej w Orońsku (the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko). The exhibition explored the relations between the sense of touch and the possible esthetic experience of a piece of art, focusing on the haptic phenomenon in art. In my work, I referred to the relations of the sense of touch with the moving image, including the way in which it can generate perceptions relating to the other senses in humans. The idea lying behind my project was to create an immersive situation in a gallery room – projections engulfing spectators, enabling them to immerse themselves in an image. In my project, there are three large video projections screened in the space of a gallery room. Two of them together make up one narrative work, wherein a tale is being spun through the juxtaposition of images being shown on the synchronized screens as well. The third projection is being shown on a separate wall as a looped video picture. In the work, the inside of the eye was compared to a material structure whose system is constantly modeled by the sunbeams in the ongoing recording and erasing process. With the so modeled image, the inside of the eye was compared to a medieval cloister garth – a small monastic garden designed so that its arrangement and flora could reflect symbolic contents and meanings.