Miasma from the Marshes

(two-channel video installation, hd, 16:9, 5:08 min, 2015)

The work, shown in one of the palace interiors, had the form of the two videos projected onto the small screens made of the stone. One screen is used to record the palace interiors, i.e. the inside of the sculpture; the other screen is used to record what is on the outside, i.e. the surrounding nature – the park. The images appearing on the two screens are synchronised with each other. The camera is moving on slowly in the two spaces, recording them in a similar manner. The work is a recording of the observation of the two different spaces and an examination of the small moments, imperceptible at first sight, during which nature permeates into the palace interiors – in the form of efflorescent mildew or damp on the wall or ants appearing on the palace floors.